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Day 12, 182!

Woohoo! it is going off! Here are the stats so far
day 1 191
day 12 192 just 1 lb short of 10 lbs.

Day 11, 184 lbs

Well that seemed to work, I am going to do the same today. 1000 calories, and put in some hard work digging in the garden.

Day 10 185.5

It is hot, sticky, and I know I am retaining water. Cut to 1000 calories today and mowed and raked the lawn. Something has got to get me losing weight again.

Day 8, 185 lbs

I am still sticking to the diet, but not much is going down right now. I think I need to add more exercise in. Will try weights today.

day 4 184.5

Holding strong and still losing, I know it will slow down soon, but I will keep taking what I can get!

Day 3 185.5

Woke up not feeling well today. My son has the stomache flu, so it is very likely I have it too. Right now eating anything feels nastey!

Day 2, 188 lbs!

Did some weight lifting today for an half hour.

Food log:
9:00 diet root beer with 1/4 cup cream
12:00 sausage and 2 egg
3:00 2 slices sharp cheddar
6:00 chicken breast
7:00 slice cheddar

Day 1 191 lbs

Weighed myself, I am at 191 lbs. I am 5'6". I will only go down from here. I have decided to start with atkins. That will kick start me quickly into some weight loss. Goals today,
1. Eat no more than 1200 calories
2. Clean the house instead of sitting around.
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes.

Food log:
8:00 6 pieces of bacon
12:00 3 slices turkey with cheddar
3:00 chicken breast
6:00 2 beef patties, 2 slices cheese
I decided to start this community because the only way I can lose weight is to obsess about it every single bloody moment of the day. I wanted somewhere, besides my personal journal, to do this. And I hope to find other people, who are as obsessive about their diets as I am, to help keep the momentum going. Good luck everyone, and all are welcome!